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Month-in-Review: June 2021

Global recovery lifts all boats. International bonds and stocks fell in June, but all major asset classes were up in Q2 as the global synchronized recovery continued. Economic activity is expansionary globally and earnings are improving globally.

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 07.02.21

U.S. equities reached more record highs after seven straight gains, it best winning streak in 10 months. It was the second straight week of gains for the S&P 500, which is now up in five of the last six weeks.

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Inflation: Transitory, Sustained, or Runaway?

The buzz word of the year in the financial industry has without a doubt been “transitory.” This is the label that Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, and many leading economists have placed upon the recent surge in inflationary pressure sweeping across the country.

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 06.25.21

The Bottom Line ● Trading remains choppy but volatility dropped as stocks rallied to new record highs and rebounded nicely from last week’s pullback. Gains were broad based with both U.S. and overseas stocks rising across styles and sectors. ● The yield on the 10‐year...

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 06.18.21

Equities finished another volatile week solidly lower, with the S&P 500 dropping ‐1.9%. After leading large caps for three consecutive weeks, the small cap Russell 2000 fell sharply, losing ‐4.2% for the week.

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 06.11.21

U.S. stocks rallied again late in the week, this time enough to set new record highs. The S&P 500 gained + 0.4%, and the small cap Russell 2000 led for the third straight week with a gain of +2.1

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Qualified Plan Advisors: June Advocate Newsletter

Lessons from 401(k) Litigation During the Pandemic In many ways, the world came to a halt when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries should be aware that this certainly was not the case for plaintiffs' firms. In the context of retirement...

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 06.04.21

U.S. stocks rallied on the week but still couldn’t close above their May 7th all‐time high. The S&P 500 gained + 0.6%, but the small cap Russell 2000 led for the second straight week with an advance of +0.8%.

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