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Lifestyle Creep
Are you in debt to your eyeballs because your appetite for lifestyle continually demands more? Every time you get a raise, pay off debt, or walk into a windfall of money, do you find yourself spending it in a way that expands your lifestyle only to end up in the very same position you were in before? Is your energy consumed in efforts to acquire more, while stressing out trying not to lose what you already have? How easy it is to justify buying something we cannot afford, all the while going deeper in debt for something that cannot be bought… contentment. You can pick the best investments, auto save up to the match, budget, buy and sell at the right time every time, but you will sabotage your best laid plans for financial freedom and retirement if you cannot gain this one virtue. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, remember this from Melodie Beattie… “Gratitude… It turns what you have into enough.”

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Micah Schmidt 

Financial Advisor
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