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Our research confirms that the American dream of retiring comfortably after a lifetime of work will be impossible for many.1

Four out of five working households have retirement savings that is less than one times their annual income.2

[W]e are seeing what ought to be considered an era of great changes – people living longer, healthier lives with improving opportunities and possibilities. Yet the institutions to help people through retirement aren’t improving in tandem.3

People want to save. Have you considered the available plan rules that can make saving easier? Do your plan’s rules provide adequate immediate incentive for increased savings?

Participating in a retirement plan and knowing how much to save can be confusing, even with fancy (but rarely used) online calculators. How can you effectively provide participants with the personal education about the plan as well as their individual retirement needs? This knowledge is necessary for not only the initial decision to invest but also the ongoing commitment to participate in a retirement plan.

Handling the investment of a retirement account can petrify even the employee who fully understands the plan and the importance of saving. Equities? Bonds? Interest rates? Large Cap Growth? Large Cap Blend? Target date funds? Glide paths? The terminology alone scares away many employees. Are you utilizing the educational and risk-based investment tools that, instead, make participants comfortable with a career-long commitment to saving.

Your company measures most aspects of its business. Revenues. Expenses. Risk. Profits. Are you performing a similar analysis on the return on your investment of sponsoring a retirement plan? Are you seeking growth in the plan that you can leverage with current and potential employees, as well as with the providers being paid to support your plan?

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