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Welcome to QPA Insights, where we’ll share knowledge and insights into ERISA 3 (38) qualified plans. Here our highly experienced team will write on topics plan sponsors and advisers alike will be interested in such as the regulatory environment, tools, plan management, and more.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions about what you’ve read or would like to contact the author.

Understanding How America Saves

As we work to implement thoughtful plan design structures and to ensure participants receive adequate opportunity for investment diversification, it's helpful to study how participants are using various plan features. Further, it's helpful to assess the trends and...

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Talking Points on Plan Loans

Many plan sponsors make plan loans available in the hopes that they will make employees more comfortable about saving. After all, doesn't it seem more appealing to put away money if you know you retain access to it? Of course, once loans are made available - and once...

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