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Welcome to QPA Insights, where we’ll share knowledge and insights into ERISA 3 (38) qualified plans. Here our highly experienced team will write on topics plan sponsors and advisers alike will be interested in such as the regulatory environment, tools, plan management, and more.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions about what you’ve read or would like to contact the author.

IRS Announces 2017 Limits

On Thursday, the IRS published Notice 2016-62, which sets forth various qualified plan limits for 2017. These limits were initially established within the Internal Revenue Code and are subject to annual cost-of-living increases. In the recent low-inflation...

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Happy National Save for Retirement Week!

Happy National Save for Retirement Week! This is a week for celebrating the importance of American workers saving early and often - and recognizing the important role you, as a plan sponsor, play. Your organization's sponsorship of a retirement plan is significant....

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Understanding the Fiduciary Regulation: Who?

This one will be interesting. The Fiduciary regulation is – as far as regulations go – pretty clear in defining who is a fiduciary. The DOL sought to replace an old, subjective, five-part test with a principled approach that will create more certainty. For those who are familiar with fiduciary responsibilities, it appears the DOL will accomplish that goal.

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Blog Introduction- Welcome!

We are here today with exciting news at an important time. Over the last year we have seen three significant retirement plan developments that affect you, as a plan sponsor or provider. The United States Supreme Court reminded fiduciaries of the importance of a...

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