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Financial Stress in America: the cost to companies and their employees 

The Financial Stress in America seminar provides an overview of the financial stress that burdens Americans’ lives on a daily basis. Our expert panel of speakers will address the social impact to society and the excessive cost of financial stress to employers. We will explore solutions that companies are implementing to alleviate this financial stress, as well as the return on investment to those companies enforcing a financially-fit workforce.

Presented by Qualified Plan Advisors (QPA). QPA, Financial Fitness for Life, Questis, The World Bank and PwC Consulting are not affiliated. The commentary is (1) the opinion of Aaron Harding, Bilal Zia, Martha Menard, Christian Mango and Robert J. Cruz, and not necessarily reflect the opinions of their respective companies, (2) is for informational purposes only, and (3) should not be construed or acted upon as individualized advice.

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