Scott Colangelo

Chairman, Managing Partner
Overland Park, KS
913-491-6226 x113

To be a leader and an innovator, you must be daring enough to carve a pathway to success for your customers that often deviates from the conventional track. Scott Colangelo is not afraid to be different. As the creator, chairman and managing partner of Qualified Plan Advisors, he is forward-thinking in the financial business, but always with his clients’ best interests in mind.

Scott started QPA to fill a void in the company when an investment client inquired about the best way to monitor and maintain his company’s retirement plan. “We wanted to see what their retirement dreams and goals were and how we could help,” said Scott. “Yet, I discovered that, while knowing goals, investment experience, time horizon and other factors was required by law for individual investors, there were no requirements whatsoever for participants in a retirement plan. Essentially, this left a nation of workers to manage through their retirement planning and investing without the knowledge to do so. My client was confused when I asked to meet with all their employees to learn about them and to set goals, asking, ‘Why do you need to meet with them? No one has ever done that before.’” This single experience left an indelible impact on Scott, and out of it came a singular focus on participant education that has evolved into comprehensive financial wellness and the founding of Plan Health (, years before it was mainstream. “Participant education and plan health are concepts everyone talks about, but there are very few concrete examples of firms that actually do it well.”

The collaborative approach is the foundation of this company. Qualified Plan Advisors builds real relationships with clients, but Scott is not here to maintain the status quo – he continues to strive for better and is willing to look for solutions that aren’t always the easiest to find.

When he’s not working hard for his clients and team, Scott is spending time traveling with his family. “The concept of work-life balance, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often enough in our business. But our team approach provides a support system that allows us time to be with our families.”

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance with a minor in marketing from Kansas State University, as well as FINRA Series 7, 63 and 66 registrations. In his own words, his two hobbies are basketball and golf, although “I’m not very good at either.”