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Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit Preview: Fiduciaries and Participants in a New Normal

We’ve learned a lot about retirement plan participants and fiduciaries over the last year. The upcoming April 21st Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit presents an opportunity for plan fiduciaries to take stock in the last year’s lessons and to think about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Here is a quick preview of how we will explore how modern day fiduciaries are working to meet the needs of modern day participants. In the event you have not registered, please ensure you take a minute to register here.

Service Providers: “How Do We Provide the Services Needed?” For those who have participated in past Summits, you know that there’s no better way to start the day than to hear from Sarah Simoneaux. She has built strong relationships with service providers across the country and will shed some light on the service-related challenges that are keeping them up at night.

Regulation and Legislation: “How Are Plan Sponsors Reacting?” A Department of Labor Associate Regional Director, John True, will help plan sponsors to know what issues are atop the Department of Labor’s list. Rob Massa will work with experts from large national recordkeepers to explore plan sponsors’ reactions to recent legislation.

Education Innovation: When employees’ lives changed, our understanding of their needs changed. We gained further confirmation that they needed more than an app or a 401(k) plan enrollment booklet. We also learned that they could be reached in many more ways, with increased access to videoconference technology that allows for more contact points. Christian Mango, President of Financial Fitness for Life, will lead experts from Fidelity, Prudential, and QPA through a discussion of education innovation resulting from the pandemic’s experiences.

Investment Innovation: Over the last few years we have also learned more about participants’ investment needs. Matt Wolniewicz of Income America and Rick Luchinisky of American Century Investments will address how they worked with a large consortium of service providers to develop an industry-shifting guaranteed income strategy for participants. We’ll accompany that forward-looking solution with an exploration of the managed accounts wave that is sweeping the nation.

Fiduciary Time with Fred: Our keynote speaker, Fred Reish, will highlight the issues that are – or should be – at the forefront of fiduciaries’ minds. As always, Fred will offer an expert’s perspective in a practical manner.

Please Join Us. These various perspectives all contribute to the theme referenced above: how modern day fiduciaries are reacting to modern day participants’ needs. It’s probably too early to say we’re “on the other side of” the pandemic. But we’ve all certainly been through something. We hope you’ll join our event for a look back and a look ahead, as we all endeavor to do our best to positively impact retirement plan participants across the country.

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