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Many people underestimate the importance of having a retirement advisor. According to an Investopedia article, about 33% had no defined contribution plan of any kind in 2019. Retirement plans can be complex and rules associated with them are constantly changing. Employers don’t have the capacity to keep up with all of the changes, so working with an experienced plan advisor allows companies to offer their employees a strong plan without needing to oversee every detail. A plan advisor works with employers to establish a plan that meets their specific needs. The plan design, when created correctly, will:

  • Incentivize employees to save for retirement
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Align employee contributions to the plan with company profitability
  • Keep fees transparent to help all account balances grow

A good advisor will:

  •  Help evaluate funds and providers objectively without conflict of interest
  • Keep plan sponsors updated on litigation, legislation, and regulations impacting different plans and fiduciaries
  • Ensure the plan is being administered in the most efficient manner
  • Help plans maintain qualified status while continuing to help the company reach goals and objectives
  • Educate plan sponsors and plan participants regarding retirement planning, investing, and other important financial topics
The Qualified Plan Advisors team is ready to help your organization get started. Contact us at https://qualifiedplanadvisors.com/contact-us/ and an advisor will reach out to you soon!
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