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Women and Financial Security

When asked the question “Do you feel financially secure?” a high percentage of women answer with a resounding “no.” Many women today find that they are in charge of their financial lives either by choice or by chance. Over the next two generations, women will inherit 70 percent of the money in this country. Even though our financial power is growing, too many women still are leaving the  financial decision making to others.

By allowing our spouse or partner to handle financial matters, we may reduce our knowledge of  money and finances that could prove economically crippling in the event of a divorce or death. Does this describe you?

Lessons from our Parents

Many of us grow up getting advice about how to dress and who to date, but few of us get financial  education from our parents. However, you may have learned more than you think, simply by observation.

If you saw your parents struggle with spending and debt, you may find yourself walking the same road. If your parents were lifelong savers who had a habit of living within their means, your attitude toward money may be wholly different. Watching as they amassed wealth for the future over time may have created a good and realistic model for a healthy retirement savings.

You may have grown up with very little understanding of the way investment markets or retirement plans work, but the more you educate yourself in financial topics, the more confident and assertive you will become regarding money decisions.

Don’t Set it and Forget it

A recent study found that while women participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans more often than men, only 43 percent of women had an emergency fund and only about a quarter bothered to rebalance their investment portfolios with time. You are off to a great start by participating in your employer-sponsored retirement plan; however, it’s equally important to regularly review how your portfolios are allocated to align with your retirement goals .

Knowledge is Power

When you acquire more financial knowledge, you can shatter money myths that may have crept into your life and replace them with money truths. You can see your financial behavior in a new light and adjust that behavior to give yourself a better chance at amassing significant retirement savings and lifetime wealth.

What’s the first step toward financial security? Talk with a financial professional who recognizes some of the common mistakes female investors make and who will counter them with wise approaches to saving and building wealth for retirement. Don’t be afraid to “pay yourself first” in your employer’s retirement plan. Embrace some risk in investing – over time, the rewards will far outweigh the degree of risk you take. Ask questions and learn about financial matters then pass on your knowledge to the next generation.





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