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Q2 Quarterly Client Update

Essentially treading water for the first half of the quarter, markets found their footing and finished positive across every major asset class.  Continued vaccination success, massive amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus, solid economic activity, and earnings acceleration all contributed to the investor optimism that witnessed the S&P 500 deliver positive quarterly results for the fifth consecutive quarter, which is the longest consecutive streak since the nine-quarter stretch that ended in 2017. 

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 07.09.21

U.S. equities advanced for the third week in a row and sixth in the last seven. Major U.S. indices closed at record highs, overcoming a big drop on Thursday over fears of the spreading Delta variant and slowing global growth.

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Month-in-Review: June 2021

Global recovery lifts all boats. International bonds and stocks fell in June, but all major asset classes were up in Q2 as the global synchronized recovery continued. Economic activity is expansionary globally and earnings are improving globally.

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Week-in-Review: Week ending in 07.02.21

U.S. equities reached more record highs after seven straight gains, it best winning streak in 10 months. It was the second straight week of gains for the S&P 500, which is now up in five of the last six weeks.

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Inflation: Transitory, Sustained, or Runaway?

The buzz word of the year in the financial industry has without a doubt been “transitory.” This is the label that Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, and many leading economists have placed upon the recent surge in inflationary pressure sweeping across the country.

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