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A Perfect Pairing: Target-Date Funds and Advisor-Managed Accounts

With spring already here and summer arriving soon, these warmer months offer a perfect time to hold a wedding and celebrate two people committing to share their lives with each other. Amid this happy wedding season, it’s also important to look ahead. Retirement plans are the best way to secure a couple’s future, and just as two people entering marriage are often well matched, target-date funds and advisor managed accounts represent a perfect match in a retirement plan solution.

Month-in-Review: April 2022

From asset class performance to the Fed’s monetary policy in the midst of peak inflation, Prime Capital Investment Advisors’ Research Team has done the deep dive to bring you the information you need to know now. Check out the April Month in Review.

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401k Specialist Features the 2022 Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit

More than 200 plan sponsors, recordkeepers, financial advisors and fiduciary thought leaders gathered on April 18 and 19 for the 14th Annual Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit. Back in person for the first time since the world shut down for the pandemic, the excitement in the room was palpable. Our partners at 401k Specialist magazine summarized […]

What Is The ‘One’ Piece Of Advice Professionals Give People About To Retire?

Ask most retirees what’s the one thing they wish they had known before they retired and they’ll probably tell you, if they had to do it all over again, they would have liked to have that one piece of advice that would have made things significantly easier.

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Investment Refresh: Improving Participant Outcomes Through Re-Enrollment

A defined contribution plan “re-enrollment” has become a retirement plan industry best practice. The mechanism illustrates that the most prudent – and therefore safest – fiduciaries are not those who defensively opt for inaction, but instead are those fiduciaries who assess and understand what is in their participants’ best interests and proactively take steps to [...]

The Advantages of Roth 401(k) Contributions

A qualified plan sponsor’s decision to make the Roth contribution feature available to its employees is no longer an emerging trend. The Roth contribution availability has emerged, solidified its presence, and appears to be here to stay. Many would include it among plan sponsor best practices. Some consider it a competitive arrow within the talent [...]


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