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The Advantage of Roth 401(k) Contributions

This White Paper is intended to inform and assist two distinct groups of plan sponsors. The first group includes those who have not implemented the Roth contribution option. The second group includes those who have, but seek a greater understanding of Roth contributions for the purpose of strengthening participant communications.

Improving Participant Outcomes Through

This White Paper acknowledges the most common preconceived notions and provides fiduciaries the context, data, and legal support to evolve toward an informed embrace of a re-enrollment’s value. Ultimately, as you will read, a re-enrollment helps participants and fiduciaries alike to experience improved outcomes.

The Positive Impact of Automatic Features

Automatic enrollment and automatic escalation afford an employer the greatest plan design opportunity to improve employees’ prospects of a dignified retirement.  This White Paper will help employers to strengthen their commitment through a thoughtful and informed automatic enrollment and escalation structure.









The Value of a Fiduciary

This White Paper is for plan sponsor representatives who desire to know more about key fiduciary issues: (1) the high standards applicable to a fiduciary; (2) a fiduciary’s core responsibilities; (3) the danger of working with a non-fiduciary; and (4) what they should expect from a strong fiduciary partner. Whether you would categorize yourself as a fiduciary, non-fiduciary, trustee, plan administrator, committee member, human resources professional, or some combination thereof, this White Paper is for you.

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