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3 Simple Steps

1) Hire an Investment Manager Fiduciary under ERISA 3(38):

Simply put, your current advisor or service representative may not be willing or able to serve in the capacity of Investment Manager Fiduciary for one of two reasons. One, he/she is prohibited to do so because of the services they provide, or the way they are compensated. Or two, he/she does not have the expertise or interest in taking on the liability to serve in this capacity. If your advisor is not willing to help you legally discharge your investment liability, you may want to consider modifying the relationship with your advisor.

Our Solution: Qualified Plan Advisors (QPA) works closely with your current Plan-level Fiduciary Advisor. We have a long track record of collaborating with third-party advisors, who provide their plan-level services, while we provide our participant-level services. If you do not currently work with a Plan-level Advisor, Qualified Plan Advisors can also sign on in that capacity as your Investment Manager Fiduciary under ERISA 3(38). This arrangement will legally discharge you from the investment liability of the core fund offerings

2) Provide easy to use, sensible ways to help participants diversify:

Current statistics show that nearly 75% of all participants own three funds or less. It is our opinion that this single factor is the root cause of the majority of participant underperformance issues.

Our Solution: Give participants the opportunity to choose, or be defaulted to Risk-Based Professionally Managed Portfolios. These portfolios have between nine and 12 funds to help boost diversification in a meaningful way. Additionally, we manage these under ERISA 3(38), hence legally discharging your decision makers from the liability of the ongoing management of these portfolios.

3) Engage in real conversations, face to face:

The larger industry vendors have done a great job of providing online tools for determining what and how one should invest. Access to these tools and information is not the challenge in the industry. The challenge is that participants simply do not know how to, or do not choose to use the tools. We believe the DELIVERY of the tools is as IMPORTANT as the TOOLS themselves.

Our Solution: We have found that no single step provides more value to a plan, nor has a bigger impact on your participants, than putting people in front of people. That is, the engaging in meaningful conversations with a true professional advisor who cares and understands the steps necessary to reach retirement successfully. We can provide several client referrals who can attest that our team approach, and commitment to comprehensive manpower, provides significant improvements in participation, proper deferral amounts, and appropriate investment allocations.

Consulting Services

Qualified Plan Advisors (QPA) provides a large selection of Consulting Services, including:

  • ERISA 3(21) Co-Fiduciary Services
  • Fund Analysis and Investment Policy Statement Design and Maintenance
  • Employee Education and Enrollment Services
  • Professionally Managed Allocation Portfolios
  • Plan Design Review and Maintenance
  • Contractual Service Agreement Disclosing all Fees and Services
  • RFP and Vendor Searches
  • Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Training Modules

QPA Consulting Services are designed to provide an à la carte approach for Plan Sponsors with single or multiple needs. As such, the services can be customized to meet the Plan Sponsor’s specifics, and priced accordingly.

Depending on the services requested, a designated QPA Service Team will be assigned to match and back-up the services and goals determined by the Plan Sponsor and QPA.

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