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We help people. We actually impact peoples’ lives. Many firms like ours are consumed with money management. Charts and graphs and acronyms. But we focus on how people save, invest, and manage their money. The great thing about doing our work within the retirement space is that we get to help a lot of people within three distinct groups: business owners to feel safer and to focus on their employees; HR and benefits professionals to enjoy their jobs more; and hundreds to thousands of employees to live happier, less stressful lives.

Fiduciary Consulting

It’s not simply a matter of investment advice or investment management. Qualified Plan Advisors seeks out best practices to consult with fiduciaries. At QPA, our goal is to help clients pull together all the pieces so they can make decisions that take into account the bigger picture of their retirement planning process. Fiduciary responsibilities and the associated risks are closely intertwined with a long list of retirement plan aspects: the investment lineup, investment policy statement, IRS and DOL guidance, fee structures, benchmarking, participant engagement, participant decisions, and participant outcomes. From day one of a relationship with QPA, plan fiduciaries can tell that we care about bringing all of those issues together.

Fee and Service Benchmarking

Strong fiduciaries expect more out of their benchmarking; they have higher standards for a process that takes into account the value – not merely the cost – of every aspect of a retirement plan. At Qualified Plan Advisors, we don’t limit ourselves to merely benchmarking fees. We need to understand the quality of services and we help our clients to maximize the value provided by each dollar spent.

Investment Management

Although fiduciary responsibilities are process-based and participant outcomes are paramount, a top-shelf fiduciary consultant must be good at money management. With a team of experienced money and portfolio managers, QPA’s expertise allows us to develop and maintain a strong core funds list that provides participants with opportunities for diversification, in addition to offering age-based and risk-based options likely to better suit participants over the long run. In 2021, QPA also launched a goals-based Advisor Managed Accounts solution to offer more personalized investment strategies.

Driving Employee Outcomes

Qualified Plan Advisors uses tradition and innovation to drive employee outcomes. We use face-to-face interaction coupled with technology to find the best solutions for plan participants. Positive participant outcomes are driven through a combination of person-to-person communication, group meetings, one-on-one meetings, and data collection, all of which contribute to a holistic view of participants’ real needs. One solution that efficiently brings all of these elements together is QPA’s recently launched Advisor Managed Accounts service.


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