Glenn Spencer

Chief Executive Officer
Overland Park, KS

“We exist to inspire people to achieve their life ambitions,” says the new CEO of Prime Capital Investment Advisors, Glenn Spencer.

As CEO, Glenn is responsible for the company achieving its strategic and operational business objectives. He knows that the key to success is putting our clients and the professionals who work for them at the center of everything we do.

Glenn works with leadership teams to assure goals are linked to the company’s overall business objectives and assure they have the resources and support to achieve success. He is actively engaged in recruiting top professionals interested in building industry leading brands in our areas of focus.

“Organizationally, we need to continue to focus on innovation and simplicity,” says Glenn. “Today’s world is so very complicated; we need to make sure that we simplify things for our people and our clients. They want innovation, solutions to their challenges AND simplicity in their lives.”

Glenn also believes that, especially in a growth period, hiring the right people is critical to success. “We want our people to focus on the experience of our clients – what should it feel like from our client’s perspective? If we can paint an agreed-upon vision of the client experience and empower our people to make the vision real, they will develop better ideas than if we prescribe everything from the center.”

Glenn’s career spans 30 years in financial and professional services, including 12 years with Lockton where he served as U.S. chief operating officer, global chief operating officer, and most recently as global chief executive officer. During his time at Lockton, the firm grew from $300 million in revenue with 12 offices to $1.5 billion in revenue with more than 100 offices.

Glenn has served on multiple corporate, civic and industry boards and has focused a great deal of his time on working with young people who want to pursue business careers.

In his downtime, Glenn enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family doing whatever it is they want! His hobbies include tennis, running marathons and travel.

Glenn holds a finance degree from The George Washington University School of Business.