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While we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, we have chosen to reschedule our Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit to October 14, 2020. In place of the June Summit, we will host a week-long Virtual Summit that will include various written and video releases, and two hour-long educational webinars on June 17 and 18. We want to be sure to get you the important information you need in an interactive and safe environment, and hope you will join the webinars. Please see below for more details.

Join us for the 2020 Virtual Summit

Attendees will enjoy a week of content covering:

Virtual Summit Email List

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Monday, June 15

Look out for our introductory email containing educational information from our National Retirement Practice Leader, Matthew Eickman.  Fill out the Virtual Summit form on this page to receive our summit email content.

Wednesday, June 17

Join us for our first webinar during our Virtual Summit, where we’ll discuss the practical CARES Act and fiduciary developments emerging during the pandemic. You’ll receive information helping you to communicate within your organization regarding CARES Act decisions and related administrative concerns. We’ll also address fiduciary best practices that relate to continuing litigation and the pandemic-changed landscape.

CARES Act + Fiduciary Developments Webinar
June 17, 2020
10:00 – 11:00 AM CDT
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Friday, June 19

Wrap up the week with a final video from our October speakers as they discuss how to find certainty in uncertain times. Please be sure to have signed up for our Virtual Summit emails.

Tuesday, June 16

Be the first to see our October summit speakers discuss how they’ve handled the current environment, and the tips and tricks they recommend. You’ll receive videos including commentary from Fred Reish, Sarah Simoneaux, Matt Wolniewicz, and others.

Thursday, June 18

Join us for an interactive exploration of participant communication opportunities and the increased emphasis on financial wellness. We will begin with a demonstration of creative participant communication strategies that reflect changes in how and where employees work. You’ll also receive program ideas responding to the discovery that American employees need more effective financial wellness tools.

Participant Communications + Wellness Needs Webinar
June 18, 2020
10:00 – 11:00 AM CDT
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Our June event seeks to give you the information you need now, as you continue to navigate challenging waters. In October, we hope you will join us for our Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit that will enlist our outside experts – and you! – to help us all to chart a course forward. Things are changing at an alarming rate right now, and we’re anxious to work through those changes side by side with you. Click here to register today!

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