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What should be a basic human right has become an unaffordable luxury for many. We’re talking about retirement, a reality that millions of Americans struggle to cover.

Part of the reason retirement is so difficult to prepare for is it’s hard to plan for the unknown. We can’t know precisely how long we will live or what hardships we will endure in our senior years. Additionally, formidable economic forces like inflation and recessions can easily throw even the most concrete of plans off kilter. But we must plan for the future, and one sensible approach is the two-thirds retirement plan.

Our Robert Massa gave his unput on this topic. “I tell every person I work with to pretend that tomorrow is their retirement day. If they want to live just like they are living now, they need to pay themselves at least 80% of their regular paycheck in order to maintain their standard of living.” For the full story check it out here.