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The 2024 presidential and congressional elections are a little less than a year away, meaning retirement plan advisers can expect debate to bubble up around issues such as Social Security, tax policy and Americans’ long-term savings.

While the conversations may not always lead to action, a few topics are worth keeping on the radar for advisers, according to retirement experts.

While Social Security may remain a hot topic in next year’s presidential and congressional elections, Matthew Eickman, the national retirement practice leader for Qualified Plan Advisors, does not foresee any notable reform to the program coming out of 2024 campaigns.

“I think we saw with former President Trump, for example, an approach defied conventional wisdom regarding what a Republican president would say,” Eickman says. “He was not of the mind that he was going to do anything dramatically different to Social Security. My expectation is that we’ll hear ideas about potential changes to Social Security and, if nothing else, what we might see is eventually further delay in changes to the full Social Security retirement age. But short of that, I am not expecting that there will be significant Social Security reform within the next several years.”

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