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Chuck Smith and his team at Qualified Plan Advisors have been taking steps literally, to highlight the importance of financial literacy in conjunction with 401(k) Day this week. The team set a goal of collectively running 401 kilometers – or 250 miles – throughout the week leading up to National 401(k) Day on Sept. 8.

The idea began with a Dilbert cartoon some years ago in which Catbert, the evil director of human resources in the comic strip, asks why the boss hasn’t signed up for the 401(k), to which the boss replies, “I’d never be able to run that far.”

Smith often thought of that cartoon over the years and this year he proposed the idea of running 401 kilometers in a week to raise awareness for 401(k) Day, designated by the Plan Sponsor Council of America as the Friday after Labor Day. Although he is a prolific runner, Smith admits it was an ambitious goal for one person. However, his team embraced the idea as something they could do together to benefit Junior Achievement of the Midlands.

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