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Q2 2022 Quarterly Client Update

With inflation at multi-decade highs and inflation expectations inching up, the Fed has reprioritized its focus from supporting growth to quickly taming inflation. The Fed has stated (unequivocally, to our ears) that they would gladly risk a recession now via restrictive policy to avoid the bigger risk of higher and more entrenched inflation later. This is the right long-term policy, but means that economic growth will slow in the near term.


The Advocate Newsletter: Fiduciary Education Is Critical

The pace of change in the retirement plan industry suggests that plan sponsors and fiduciaries need access to information that will help them to: (i) comply with their fiduciary responsibilities; (ii) ask the right questions of their service providers; (iii) understand the additional participant tools and resources available in the marketplace; and (iv) implement those solutions in a way that will help to attract new employees, retain existing employees, and improve their overall financial wellbeing.

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