A Perfect Pairing: Target-Date Funds and Advisor-Managed Accounts

With spring already here and summer arriving soon, these warmer months offer a perfect time to hold a wedding and celebrate two people committing to share their lives with each other. Amid this happy wedding season, it’s also important to look ahead. Retirement plans are the best way to secure a couple’s future, and just as two people entering marriage are often well matched, target-date funds and advisor managed accounts represent a perfect match in a retirement plan solution.


The Advocate Newsletter: Lessons From the 2022 Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit

This year’s Qualified Plan Fiduciary Summit connected plan sponsors with retirement industry thought leaders, advisors, recordkeepers, ERISA attorneys, money managers, and other service providers. This month’s newsletter article recaps the key themes from the event and items for plan fiduciaries to consider as we navigate a challenging labor market, an active litigation and regulatory environment, and increased employee needs and expectations.


Qualified Plan Advisors: April 2022 Advocate Newsletter

In late March, Congress took its most significant step yet toward the passage of “SECURE Act 2.0”. The House passed the “Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022” in a 414-5 vote, which sets up a process through which the Senate will reconcile retirement-related bills currently in committee and negotiate with the House on potential final legislation. This month’s newsletter includes a brief summary of the path forward for SECURE Act 2.0 and identifies the Act’s provisions most likely to have the widest impact.

Blog Market Commentary

Week-in-Review: Week ending in 03.18.22

Overall, economic data releases mostly met their expectations, showing that despite the near-term effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the economy is still marching on. Importantly, the FOMC raised interest rates for the first time and took on a very hawkish tone for future monetary policy. Next week is on the lighter side, most releases relate to manufacturing data and real estate.

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